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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I book an in-person or virtual appointment for the assessment and/or follow-up appointments? Yes, we are happy to announce we offer both in-person and virtual appointments for the assessment or follow-up appointments. When you call the clinic to book your appointment you can discuss the options with our reception staff before they help you book.
  • Do you offer walk-in appointments? Appointments are typically scheduled in advance, either by phone or in-person. In rare cases, walk-in appointments may be provided if there is a physiotherapist available. 
  • Can I book an appointment online or via email? At this time we are not able to book appointments online or through email. If you would like to book an appointment, please call the clinic at 416-447-1457. 
  • How should I dress for my physiotherapy assessment? You should wear comfortable loose fitting clothing. If we will be assessing your knees or legs (e.g. knee replacement), please wear shorts or pants that you can roll above your knees.
  • How many sessions of physiotherapy will I need? It is difficult to put a number on exactly how many sessions you will require as each patient is different. There are many factors that determine the frequency & duration of treatment including type of injury/surgery, age, general health, complications, etc. The physiotherapist will discuss all of these factors in determining the most effective approach to your treatment and how long they anticipate you will require treatment for on the first visit.
  • How will my doctor know what is happening with my treatment/progress? Each time you visit your doctor for a follow up, the physiotherapist will send a progress report with you to be read and signed by your family physician or surgeon then returned to the physiotherapist on your next visit.

Give us a call if you have further questions! You can reach us at 416-447-1457 and by fax at 416-447-3445. We look forward to hearing from you.